Our election system should be "One Person, One Vote." 

The way we elect the President today is fundamentally broken. Changing our Presidential election to a National Popular Vote is both critical and possible.


A Popular Vote is Fundamental to our Democracy

In our Democratic Republic, the Founders intended the election of the President to reflect the voice of the people. Our current electoral system is a massive distortion of the system we were designed to have.


A Popular Vote is Critical to our Future

Our current Presidential selection system allows swing states to dominate elections, lowers voter turnout, and leaves our elections open to outside influences. Improving the system is critical to preserving the integrity of our government.


A Popular Vote is Happening

Improving the system does not require a Constitutional Amendment. The Constitution allows states to change the way they allocate their electors. If enough states ratify the change, our Presidential election system changes. Ten states and the District of Columbia already have!