Support the National Popular Vote Compact

If passed, Connecticut will join other states in allocating its electors to the winner of the National Popular Vote, helping ensure that the person elected president will always be the candidate who wins the most votes nationally.


What Democrats are Saying

What Republicans Are Saying

The current way we elect the President skews focus almost entirely to swing states, ignores the vast majority of voters in states like Connecticut, and makes elections more vulnerable to foreign influence. 

Under the Constitution, states decide how to select electors for the Electoral College. By enacting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a state allocates its electors to the winner of the overall National Popular Vote. The legislation only goes into effect when states aggregating 270 electoral votes have passed the law. Ten states and Washington, D.C. have passed the NPV Compact. 

78 percent of Connecticut voters agree that the person who wins the most votes should be president, and 76 percent support the National Popular Compact, including the majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It's no wonder that 62 representatives and 12 senators are co-sponsors of the National Popular vote bill. Voice your support today by signing the petition! 

Ambassador Jim Glassman, Witness at Public Hearing