Only Because of the Electoral College

This article reports accurately that anti-immigration, shaded by xenophobia and racist overtones, is the central plank in Donald Trump‘s reelection platform. This is possible only because of the electoral system. A national election would not win a plurality for any candidate with this political stance. 

Only because a small number of people in three or four swing states respond passionately to the president’s message are we seeing this policy become the hallmark of the administration. 

Those who want the national popular vote to pick the president should be aligned with everyone who wants a reasonable immigration policy. 

Reporters covering the president should never fail to explain that it is only the electoral system that makes the president’s position tenable. 

The right response is to go directly to the people in these same swing states and put the question: do you want a reasonable immigration policy? If the answer is yes then you should have the national popular vote pick the president. Democracy requires people with competing views to speak up and debate with each other. Trusting the elites to make decisions is not only hopeless, it is also inconsistent with the moral obligation everyone has to state his or her or her position. 

One way to make a statement is to vote. The legislatures in the swing states should put the question of the national popular vote on the ballot. Where it is permitted people should petition to get the question on the ballot.