Let's Make our Votes for President Count


The current Way We Elect the President is Broken

Twice in the last five elections, we've seen a President elected against the will of the majority of the population. Under the current system, that will continue. In addition, the Electoral College system has ripple effects throughout our political system, making the votes of a few swing state voters effectively worth far more than the rest of the country.

The current way we elect the President skews focus almost entirely to swing states, leaves the vast majority of voters as bystanders, and makes elections more vulnerable to foreign influence. 


The states can change the system - No Constitutional Amendment required 

Under the Constitution, states decide how to select electors for the Electoral College. By enacting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a state allocates its electors to the winner of the overall National Popular Vote. The legislation only goes into effect when states aggregating 270 electoral votes have passed the law.

Eleven states and Washington, D.C. have passed the NPV Compact. These jurisdictions have 172 electoral votes. Out of the remaining 366 electoral votes, if states representing 98 electoral votes pass the National Popular Vote Compact, then the President will be elected by National Popular Vote.


You can help.