Democrats, Independents, and Republicans agree:

“The person who wins the most votes nationwide

should be elected president.”

The bi-partisan consensus is that a National Popular Vote would be a better way to elect the president than our current system.

Counting Every Vote Endorsed by Majorities Across Party Lines.


Source: Claster Consulting poll, July 2018.

north carolina poll results:

A July 2018 poll conducted in North Carolina found that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents ALL favored electing the president by counting the national popular vote.

The level of support for the national popular vote was exceedingly strong — both overall and within each party.

Republicans, Independents, and Democrats each supported the measure by more than a two-thirds supermajority within their own party or independent affiliation.


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Maryland voters Agree:

The established system of electing the president is deeply flawed . . .

And reforming it now should be a priority.


in Maryland this february, an MEVC poll sought to understand public opinion of the National Popular Vote.

The results are In— and there are some real jaw-droppers.