Because our current Presidential election system is so complex and confusing, misconceptions and unfounded fears abound. We've compiled some resources we hope will help clear the air on some important topics.

The Origins of the Electoral College

The Framers would be rolling in their graves if they knew how different our current Presidential election system was from what they designed. The current system is slightly skewed in favor of small states, but not for the reason most people think.

THe Crazy Complexities and Side Effects Of Our Current System

The problems with our current system run deep: swing states dominate, we're vulnerable to outside influences, and many voters just stay home because they believe their votes don't count. They're right, and it doesn't have to be that way.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Behind the state-by-state initiative to rebalance Presidential elections and make every citizen's vote for President matter. The Constitution allows states to improve the system, and they are!

Other Resources