Join us at Harvard Law School for a Conversation on the History and Future of the Electoral College

Here at Making Every Vote Count, we have been talking nonstop about the problems with the Electoral College and the urgent need for reform.  That’s why we hosted the When Every Vote Counts conference in Washington, DC on October 7 (if you missed it, you can watch video of the full event here). 

Next Saturday, October 19, at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA, MEVC CEO Reed Hundt will take the show on the road as part of an all-day discussion about the Electoral College with a rock-star panel of lawyers, historians, and activists. The conversation will include an in-depth look at where this crazy institution came from—and all the things that could be done to change it. 

The program is outstanding. Reed will be on an important afternoon panel about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Equal Citizens Founder and Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig will be there giving a keynote address. So will Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign manager, Stuart Stevens. Among the panelists are Princeton’s Samuel Wang, USC’s Franita Tolson, Election Law Blog’s Rick Hasen, NYU’s Sam Issacharoff, and many more.

The best part is that you can register here for free. If you have any way to get to Boston, please join us.