"Time to Vote" Tries to Make Voting Easier

In 2014, of the millions who did not vote that year, 35% of those polled said they did not cast a ballot because work and scheduling conflicts prevented them. Patagonia, Walmart, Levis, and Lyft are joining forces in an new effort, Time to Vote, which encourages all their employees to vote in November’s midterms and will give them time off to do it. A host of over 150 other companies have already joined the effort, and many more are adding their support. “No American should have to choose between a paycheck and fulfilling his or her duty as a citizen,” writes Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario in a recent  blog.  

Robert Kennedy once said, voting is “the ultimate guarantee of a free society.” We agree! If you would like to take part in increasing voter turnout, please sign up to be a supporter today. Click this button to learn how.