The Biggest Threat to Democracy is up to the States to Fix

The Democratic House has passed a massive election reform bill, HR 1:

The sweeping bill is aimed at getting money out of politics and increasing transparency around donors, cracking down on lobbying, and expanding voting rights for Americans by implementing provisions like automatic voter registration.

This bill would go a long way to restoring the voting rights of U.S. citizens.  However, it will probably never even get a vote in the Senate.  And HR 1 does not even address the reason that most Americans’ votes don’t count in the presidential election: the Electoral College.  Unless you happen to live in a swing state, your vote is either taken for granted or ignored. 

But there is some good news.  States have the power to allocate their electoral votes in any way they chose.  If the states pass a law that pledges their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, candidates will campaign for every vote everywhere and every vote will count equally.